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Household plank

The product is ideal for repair works, fences and roofs and can be used for other household purposes. The reliable, available and environmentally friendly material will help to transform any garden, country house and family house. The cost of 1 m3 (300 pieces) is BYR (50,4) 504 000 with VAT.

Fence from household planks is noted for the ease of installation and can become a real decorative element of any garden. Fences from household planks can be both straight and with an angle, depending on the design of the garden and country house. The material itself is ecologically friendly and safe for health. Proper treatment of the fence from household planks will ensure its life during several decades.

Хозяйсвенная дощечка, горбыльная необрезная
Log-slab uncut household plank

Household plank is available at the warehouse. You can place an order via our specialist:

phone: +375 2340 7-18-75
e-mail: troshko.m@wood.by

Household plank

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