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Wood fuel briquettes

The most competitive and available type of fuel n the modern market. Briquettes can be used to lay a fire in mantelpieces, stoves, banyas and saunas. 1 м3 briquett contains up to 3 cubic meters of fire wood!

  • Unlike coal and diesel fuel, burning of these briquettes produces practically no emissions of sulphur dioxide and other harmful substances into the atmosphere.
  • Size - 80 (40-110)*150*60 mm
  • A fuel briquette is an effective product.
  • The efficiency factor of 94% can be achieved while burning briquettes; the amount of а ash does not exceed 0.4 (actually, 0.22) % of the total amount.
  • The humidity does not exceed 12 (actually, 7.4) %.
  • Burning time: 30-40 minutes.
  • Smouldering time: 40-150 minutes.
  • Compared to natural fire wood, the stove can be loaded three times less frequently.
  • A fuel briquette is a safe product.
  • The smell of fuel briquettes is a pleasant smell of a picnic fire. They do not contain any dust or spores which can cause allergy in people

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Wood fuel briquettes

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