Other materials

Помимо плитной продукции и мебели ОАО "Речицадрев" предлагает щепу топливную, брикеты топливные древесные, деловой карандаш, хозяйственную дощечку и прочее.

Chip fuel

Chip fuel is one of the types of bio fuel which is used to generate electric and thermal energy. Moreover, chip fuel is considered the cheapest type of fuel which makes it incredibly popular all over the world. The cost of one high-density m3 is BYR (24,0) 240 000 with VAT.


Household plank

The product is ideal for repair works, fences and roofs and can be used for other household purposes. The reliable, available and environmentally friendly material will help to transform any garden, country house and family house. The cost of 1 m3 (300 pieces) is BYR (50,4) 504 000 with VAT.


Lamellas (latoflex)

Lamellas (latoflex) are bent and glued items with arc-shaped profiles used in bed frames as flexible orthopaedic elements and produced from rotary-cut birch veneer. Furniture with latoflex is known for its durability, flexibility and susceptibility to people’s movements.


Wood fuel briquettes

The most competitive and available type of fuel n the modern market. Briquettes can be used to lay a fire in mantelpieces, stoves, banyas and saunas. 1 м3 briquett contains up to 3 cubic meters of fire wood!


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