“The quality of the product is good but a mass user knows little about it”, Andrey SVISHCHEV, Deputy Director of JSC Belmashsnab, Minsk

“The quality of the product is good but a mass user knows little about it”, Andrey SVISHCHEV, Deputy Director of JSC Belmashsnab, Minsk / 17-XI-2015

Our entity ensures both retail and wholesale sales of Rechitsa briquettes. I use this kind of fuel for my fireplace at home with great pleasure. What else can be said about briquettes? It is a good and quality product. However, it is not well known in the country so far. My family likes to spend evenings in front of the fireplace. Earlier, we had to prepare firewood in advance, 20-25 kilos per evening, and bring it to the house. Now everything is much simpler. You just have to take a pack of briquettes and its total weight is about 10 kilos. Briquettes burn slowly and maintain the stable temperature for about four hours. There is no big flame, sparks or cracking. Some people believe that this characteristic of firewood ensures coziness; however, I do not think so. Flame and sparks are good when you are outdoors. You must agree that it is not very comfortable when sparks from the open door of the fireplace in the house gets to the furniture and clothes. Briquettes produce much less ash than firewood. The fact that they are made from birch’s waste is a big advantage. The chimney can be cleaned once every few years. Briquettes are carefully packed in packages which are put on trays and that makes their storage very convenient. Our customers assessed that the price of traditional fuel and the price of briquettes would be comparable in case of the delivery of split firewood. Briquettes may be a little bit cheaper. However, there is much more bother with firewood. Moreover, it is often moist and requires drying; the heating effect of different types of wood is different. Taking everything into account, briquettes are much more profitable in all respects. Lately, briquettes have been bought for heating for elderly people who live separately in their own houses. It is hard for elderly people to deal with firewood. People who are away on business purchase briquettes to make their close people’s life easier. It is simpler and more convenient to ensure heating this way. Many people combine firewood and briquettes. If you have free time and desire, you can use firewood; if not – briquettes will help you. If the price for this kind of solid fuel does not increase, I think that people will gradually choose briquettes. After testing, the product customers return to us. As for me, I will not procure firewood for winter this year.

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