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Our congratulations to winners of the tourist rally-2015!

Our enterprise’s recreation facility is located in a picturesque corner of Rechitsa district on the bank of the Dnieper river. Fans of active rest gathered there on a wonderful summer day to try their strengths and show their talents.

Турслет Речицадрев
Турслет Речицадрев
Турслет Речицадрев

Competitive spirit, humor and good mood made the time fly.

Турслет Речицадрев

Each participant of the rally was the winner of everyday routines and teams took the following places:

1st place – the team of the chipboard production plant

  1. Y. Rudenko -  drying equipment operator
  2. V. Shevchyonok -  chief technologist
  3. V. Goncharova – technical engineer
  4. Y. Rybak – packager
  5. D. Strelchenko – mechanical engineer
  6. S. Zvertovsky – head of the chipboard production plant
  7. S. Logvin – shift superintendent
  8. Sorokovykh - laboratory technician ensuring physical testing
  9. S. Borushkov – shift foreman
  10. V. Vasilets – wood board press operator 
  11. A. Cherlyonok – packager
  12. Y. Dzygun - shift foreman

2nd place – the team of the enterprise’s administration

  1. S. Lukyanenko – chief engineer
  2. A. Lukyanenko – deputy HR manager
  3. Y. Tkach – chief of the environmental safety department
  4. A. Marchenko – chief maintenance manager
  5. V. Deykun – mechanical engineer
  6. D. Yurasov – ventilation engineer
  7. D. Shandarak – head of the supervision and auditing service
  8. L. Rudnikova – assistant Director General on general issues
  9. A. VAsilyeva – engineer
  10. N. Avdeyenko – deputy head of the economic planning department

3rd place – the team of the synthetic resin plant:

  1. O. Labkovich – chemical engineer
  2. M. Osipenko – covering material treater
  3. A. Legkiy – leading technologist
  4. Y. Polinenko – engineer and energy manager
  5. S. Molchan – shift superintendent
  6. I. Molchan -  electrical equipment operation and maintenance specialist
  7. A. Kosyak – chief engineer
  8. A. Logish – chemical engineer
  9. M. Bunkevich – technical engineer
  10. K. Sak – chemical engineer
  11. L. Murza – technical engineer
  12. O. Tsukanova – technical engineer

Our congratulations to the winners of the tourist rally-2015!


Турслет Речицадрев
Турслет Речицадрев

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