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Town Day

Every first Sunday of September Rechitsa marks the Town Day.

Every year citizens enjoy a bright celebration and try to keep their pleasant impressions as long as possible.

This time the program was as usual rich and versatile. Everything started with a traditional parade of our town’s working teams. Our employees also took part in it.

Речицадрев день города
Речицадрев день города
речицадрев день города

There were pleasant surprises for guests at eight different sites: different exhibitions and fairs, presentations, master classes, shows (including the exhibition of the motor club’s vehicles and the original performance of transformers) and performances by amateur bands and Belarusian pop stars. We presented a set of children’s furniture “Tip Top” with new violet decorations, which became a real heat of the day.

речицадрев тип-топ

Apart from that, there were attractions for children and shopping stalls with barbeque, fish soup, pancakes and fresh pastry at all the sites. The town was resting, the weather was fine and everyone had a wonderful mood!

Our congratulations to winners of the tourist rally-2015! Tourist rally-2015