Fair “Brest. Commonwealth-2015” will be held in Brest on 23-26 April

A large regional multi-industry fair “Brest. Commonwealth-2015” will be held on 23-26 April in the city upon the Bug river. Traditionally, it will gather leading manufacturers from Belarus and CIS countries. Our enterprise will exhibit its production at the exhibition in Brest for the first time. Business must act, whatever the economic situation. It has to look for new opportunities, promote its production, maintain old and find new contact points, both in B2B and B2C segments, – these are the most important objectives of the business community.

Exhibition-fair “Brest. Commonwealth-2015” will be held for the 17th time already. It provides Belarusian suppliers and manufacturers with extensive opportunities to develop contacts and promote their products at least in Brest region. The participants have good chances not only to sign new contracts but also to change the configuration of the regional market in their segment due to their activity in contrast to their “frozen” competitors. The participants will also have a good start for doing business during the year.

Traditionally, there are three large sections at the exhibition:

  • technical and industrial goods (plant and equipment, construction materials, tools, agricultural machinery and electrical goods);
  • consumer goods (household appliances, goods for domestic use, sanitary ware);
  • food industry.

Taking into account the enormous popularity of furniture displays at previous exhibitions, the organizers of “Brest. Commonwealth” fair are planning to open “Furniture section” which will feature a wide range of furniture produced by dozens of manufacturers, including our sets of furniture Palermo, Latium and Tetris.

The business agenda of the exhibition will be developed on the basis of the exhibitors’ interests. Forum of manufacturers and suppliers “Business Brest” will become the key event of the agenda. Participation in the exhibition and the business forum will help to evaluate the demand development trends, to study the offers of partners and competitors, to present new products and discuss production- and distribution-related issues.

The event will be held from 23 to 26 April 2015 at the field and track center in Brest (Moskovskaya street, 151).



On 18 April 2015, a hot line with first deputy chairman of Bellesbumprom concern Dmitry Lizura will be organized A tour around the enterprise