Association of furniture manufacturers and woodworking enterprises to be established in Belarus.

The founding meeting of the organization was held on 5 August in Myadel district.

The Belarusian association of furniture manufacturers and woodworking enterprises will unite furniture and accessory manufacturers and also woodworking companies which cooperate with furniture manufacturers.

The meeting was chaired by Chairman of Bellesbumprom concern Yuri Nazarov. It was attended by the representatives of furniture manufacturers and woodworking enterprises from all regions of the country. The participants considered the draft founding documents of the association and discussed some organizational issues.

The participants of the meeting noted that Belarusian furniture manufacturers, the number of which exceeds 300, can be more consolidated and can develop more actively yielding greater profit.

Today only 20 furniture manufacturing enterprises that comprise Bellesbumprom concern coordinate their activities, the rest still operate in silos. They work in different conditions and try to solve all their problems and protect their interests on their own. Individual enterprises find it hard to influence the decision-making process in the context of their activities. Their voice remains unheard and they have to operate in conditions which form without due regard to their opinion. Thus, only the companies of Bellesbumprom concern have an advantage and their interests are taken into account during the development of legal acts and technical regulations. Others just face facts.

The association is to unite entities with different forms of ownership and individual entrepreneurs involved in woodworking and furniture manufacturing. It is to become a single body which will coordinate this activity and represent the interests of those involved in forestry and woodworking. The association will promote balanced, stable and progressive development of the common market for the Belarusian furniture and woodworking industries. The development of this sector will ensure the comprehensive and thus efficient use of wood resources Belarus is reach in.

Chairman of Bellesbumprom concern Yuri Nazarov noted that Belarus has everything to catalyze the dynamic development of its furniture industry and increase its share in the GDP. “First of all, we have our own raw materials, wood. Secondly, we have build factories that produce a wide range of wood boards for furniture manufacturing”, he emphasized. “Besides, the country provides favorable conditions for small and medium-sized businesses. Furniture manufacturing is a high-yielding and perspective activity both for large and more flexible small enterprises. Therefore, the association will have to focus not only on uniting the existing furniture manufacturers and protecting their rights and interest but also on promoting investing activities in woodworking and furniture industries, setting up new enterprises and creating jobs” he said.

The establishment of the association was supported by all the participants of the meeting. Heads of the enterprises shared their opinions and problems they have to face in the market, including competition with foreign companies in the context of raw materials and distribution of their products. Everyone supported the view that joint efforts of furniture manufacturers will contribute to the consolidated decision-making process; the entities will not struggle on their own but will be a single industry which will develop the furniture business in Belarus. All the participants of the meeting, widely known furniture manufacturing and woodworking enterprises as well as small entities and individual entrepreneurs, expressed their readiness to establish the association. 

An initiative group consisting of the concern’s employees and enterprises’ representatives was formed at the meeting. It will develop the founding documents and ensure the state registration of the association.

     *Based on the information provided by the press-service of Bellesbumprom concern


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