Focus on export-oriented production

The joint action plan to develop foreign trade, foreign economic and investment cooperation for 2015 was approved by Chairman of Bellesbumprom concern Y. Nazarov and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus V. Makey and was agreed with Deputy Prime-Minister of the Republic of Belarus V. Semashko.

The plan envisages the implementation of investment projects aimed at upgrading and creating new export-oriented production enterprises on the basis of existing enterprises to improve the quality and expand the product line of exported goods and services.

НThe upgraded facilities of joint stock companies Mogilevdrev, FanDOK, Rechitsadrev, Vitebskdrev and Borisovdrev will work with designed output.

The investment project to establish the production of medium density fibreboard/ high density fibreboard at JSC Mostovdrev, to construct the resin section at the chipboard production plant of JSC Rechitsadrev and plywood production facility at FanDOK will be completed.

Dobrush paper factory Geroy truda which forms part of Belorusskie oboi holding will build up its capacity in terms of producing flat layers of corrugated paperboard. By the end of 2015, the factory will also have completed the investment project to establish the production of coated and mill paperboard with the output of 200 thousand tons per year. Paper factory Krasnaya zvezda will also increase the output of corrugated paper and cardboard.

The plan also envisages the establishment of new export-oriented enterprises, including the attraction of foreign investments.

For instance, the “turn-key” construction of sulphate bleached pulp production plant at JSC Svetlogorsk Pulp and Board Plant with the output of 400 thousand tons per year (including the establishment of viscose pulp production) to create new export-oriented products - sulphate bleached softwood pulp, sulphate bleached hardwood pulp and viscose pulp. We also plan to use credit facilities of the Chinese banks.

A new facility to produce base paper for decorative finishing materials will be built at RUE Zavod gazetnoy bumagi with the attraction of Czech investments.

Apart from that, the plan envisages activities aimed at improving the export infrastructure, including the establishment of distribution network facilities, assembly plants and logistic systems.

Business meetings and briefings with representatives of distribution network facilities have been planned, “guest” and “domestic” exhibitions have been scheduled (including the ones at dealers’ or wholesale customers’ facilities) to introduce new products.

The plan envisages export diversification measures, the increase in the supply of products to non-CIS countries, the establishment of representation offices of State Enterprise Belarusian Forestry Company in the regions which are potential markets for product distribution.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Belarusian Chamber of Trade and Industry and foreign establishments of the Republic of Belarus will organize working visits of delegations consisting of the representatives of concern and lower organizations to the perspective EU markets and to the countries which have not traditionally been partners of Bellesbumprom concern (Algeria, Iran, Qatar, etc. Presentation of the range of possibilities of the concern’s enterprises as suppliers is envisaged. The study of the real demand, clarification of the product line and characteristics of products which can be distributed in these regions, including the products of newly established enterprises (medium density fibreboard, chipboard, plywood, etc.), are also planned.

Great attention will be paid to the development of promotional activities, electronic trade and the use of modern information technologies.

In general, the implementation of the planned activities will ensure the preservation and expansion of positions in foreign markets, the increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of enterprise’s work aimed at promoting products in new perspective foreign markets, as well as the compliance of Bellesbumprom with the indicators of social and economic development in terms of foreign economic activities in 2015.

Currently, the concern’s enterprises supply their products to the markets of 44 countries. Export accounts for 58.6% of the total output.

In 2015, the implementation of the planned activities is expected to result in the increase in export by 120% to USD 650 million. Export will account for 60% in the total output.

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