Mother’s Day!

Mother! The greatest word on earth is mother. This is the first word pronounced by humans and it sounds equally tender in all languages of the world. Although this holiday is young and there are no traditions connected with its celebration, we would like to believe that it will become our favourite, revered and saint day! Mother means the beginning of our life, the warmest look, the most loving heart and the kindest hands. Becoming a mother, a woman opens her best qualities: kindness, love and affection.

We devote the following lines to all mothers!!!

Congratulations on Mother’s Day,
We honour those who give lives and are proud of this!
No people can survive
Without mother’s feelings.

To mothers who raise children,
Bring courage to young people and peace to hearts,
To real mothers who know everything about children,
To those who prioritize the life of their children!

To their cordiality, affection and understanding,
To the nights spent at their children’s bed-head,
May the descendants’ respect and attention
Become the award for real mothers!

С Днём матери

We are 110 years old! Autumn subbotniks