Congratulations on 1 May!

We would like to congratulate the employees of JSC Rechitsadrev, our veterans and all the professionals in our industry on Labour Day, 1 May!

Addressing the veterans and the teams of concern Bellesbumprom’s enterprises, the head of the department, Yury Nazarov noted that the basis of people’s well-being has always been fruitful labour. It is the driving force for the development of production and community in general.

“The effective work of each of us contributes to the success of our industry. Nowadays, the forest industry complex has been reconstructed using a completely new basis and this new experience is based on many years of traditions in enterprises’ teams”, Yury Nazarov stressed.

He also noted that the establishment of state-of-the-art production enterprises which ensure advanced wood processing (including export-oriented ones) and the introduction of new technologies will provide a reliable basis for the effective work of the forestry complex.

“I am convinced that the concern’s professionals are able to cope with the most complex tasks and therefore I sincerely wish everyone success in good initiatives, new possibilities to implement life plans, pleasant perspectives, optimism and prosperity. Let your difficult and constant work awake an echo in the hearts of all Belarusians”, the chairman of the concern said in his greeting speech.

Press-service of Bellesbumprom concern

9 May – bright Memorial Day. We remember!