Report about JSC Rechtsadrev on ONT TV channel

ONT TV channel filmed the process of producing wood fuel briquettes at the plywood production plant. TV viewers were able to watch the report in “Our news” program.

Background information from JSC Rechitsadrev:

Fuel briquettes are an environmentally friendly product as no additional substances are used for their production.

The advantage of wood fuel briquettes is their minimum impact on the environment when they are burnt compared to classical solid fuel; this type of fuel has the same calorific efficiency as, for instance, coal but the ash content is 15 times smaller (maximum 1%) and it can also be used as a mineral fertilizer.

While briquettes are burnt, they produce the same amount of CO as wood when it decays.

Briquettes are manufactured from sanding dust produced while sanding deciduous wood: birch and alder.

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