Rechitsadrev also means tasty things!

A correspondent of the Dnyaprovets newspaper popped into Rechitsadrev’s dining facility and was pleasantly surprised with the choice of dishes, their taste and, most importantly, their prices. That is a good reason to tell about this side of our enterprise. This information will be very helpful nowadays when every penny counts.

The second birth at Rechitsadrev can be observed not only in main production but also in auxiliary units. The enterprise’s dining facility is one of them. Of course, the dwellers of Rechitsa have known it for many years. However, we suggest visiting it today. The interior of the dining facility has changed significantly. The service of customers is also ensured at the high level.
A person with a wonderful surname Angel has been heading the dining facility for eight years. Lidia Angel. She is in her place, her team believes. She is also sometimes called a small nuclear bomb. She is kind, amiable and sincere. However, if something goes wrong… In general, it will not be a picnic for her employees. Lidia has the qualification of a cook. However, for 15 years she has had a special position at Rechitsadrev: for the largest part of the year she has been a loan accountant and in summer she has been in charge of catering in the enterprise’s summer camp. It is true. 
Lidia is always in the dining facility whether it is lunch, dinner, wedding, anniversary or any other event. She will not leave the facility until she makes sure the customer is satisfied.
From 8.30 a.m. until 4.30 p.m. on weekdays, the facility is full of people with food-trays: workers, specialists and managers of Rechitsadrev. There is one approach to all of them, the quality one. This is a matter of honor for Lidia Angel. The rush hour is from 10.30 a.m. until 1 p.m.
The standards of public catering require from a third-category dining facility, which is represented by Rechitsadrev’s facility to have three salads in the everyday menu. However, when we visited the dining facility, there were seven salads. Similar situation was observed with the first and second courses, garnishes, pastry and buns. Their number is usually two or three times higher than required.
One can have a substantial lunch from BYR 15 (!) to 40 thousand. For example, a vegetable salad (BYR 3,200), borshch (BYR 2,000), mashed potatoes (BYR 3,900), fried poultry (BYR 5,600), sweet tea (BYR 400) and a curd patty (BYR 3,600) will make a total of BYR 18,700 (!). The meal is nutritious and resembles a homemade meal. Portions are good. One must try hard to eat this lunch up. This is true.
Profession with magic elements
Four cooks and one pastry-cook are in charge of the dishes’ appearance and quality in Rechitsadrev’s dining facility. Yelena Yarizhko has been working here for almost 20 years. According to the head, she is especially good at meat dishes: aspic, various sausages, rolls, etc. 
Елена Ивановна Ярижко, повар
  Other cooks came to the dining facility not so long ago. Maria Bobrovenko has been working here for 6 years. 
Мария Бобровенко, повар

Виктория Марченко, повар
Victoria Marchenko and Valentina Gaponenko have been working for 3 years. “All of them are fourth-grade professionals, good people and are doing their best; the team is very good”, Lidia Angel says about her colleagues.
We move on to the room where a very experienced pastry-cook who has been working in her profession for 32 years, Alla Pinchuk is dealing with dough. I think that the profession of a cook and a pastry-cook has some elements of magic. This especially concerns working with dough. All of us can mix flour with water or milk. However, only few will have airy, blushing and, most importantly, tasty buns. One would think that making puff pastry is simple. But… There are good reasons why shops have such a great choice of frozen half-finished products. .
Алла Викторовна Пинчук, кондитер

On the day of our visit Alla Pinchuk’s menu included sweet-scented curd patties, tea and student buns, shortcrust pastry with jam, buns with curd and a crescent roll… 
Weddings, anniversaries…
As it has already been mentioned, Rechitsadrev’s dining facility provides not only breakfasts, lunches and dinners but also arranges any festivity. After the reparation, the cozy hall with new furniture can host 120–150 people. There is some place for dancing. Such events are arranged here on Saturdays and Sundays; they can also be arranged on weekdays after 4.30 p.m. The smallest number of people for such an event is 20–25 persons.
“The most expensive wedding here was organized by foreigners”, Lidia Angel says. “Guests from Israel came. The average cost per one person was BYR 430 thousand for one day and BYR 660 thousand for two days. This is really cheap in comparison with restaurants.
Memorial lunches can also be arranged here and will cost about BYR 130 thousand per person.
What interesting dishes can be ordered at Rechitsadrev’s dining facility? The head of the facility takes out the latest wedding menu and starts enumerating:
“Bobruisk salad in baskets, aspic, rolled poultry, hake in egg white, poultry fillet with pineapples, salmon with vegetables, chakhokhbili, Nesvizh salad, Paparats-kvietka cutlet, stuffed chicken sticks, cabbage rolls and pancakes…”
“And where do you celebrate your family events?” we ask.
“I celebrated my anniversary in our facility”.
… and the exclusive menu
We could not but asked the chef about the special menu. This information will be not only interesting but also useful for our readers. Such dishes can be ordered by anyone. Of course, everyone has his or her own preferences.
So, among other dishes the exclusive menu included the following:
  • “Out of the cellar” salad: girolles, milk mushrooms, cepes, pickled cucumbers and olives are mixed with sunflower oil and garlic; the salad is very substantial and is good with strong drinks;
  • Tantalizing salad: crab sticks, corn, mushrooms, poultry, pineapple, shrimps and mayonnaise; the salad is served in wineglasses;
  • Poultry stuffed with pancakes: customers like to take pictures of the dish’s appearance;
  • Stuffed pike: a tasty and beautiful dish;
  • Amadeus pork: the meat is marinated like meat for barbeque and is roasted with sweet pepper, tomato and prunes;
  • Italian mackerel: fried mackerel rolls with cheese and dill are stewed in wine with black and green olives and tomatoes;
  • Lithuanian zeppelins: raw and boiled potatoes are mixed, zeppelins are stuffed with meat and are boiled;
  • Pears in wine;
  • Jelly with strawberries and peaches…
To sum up, we will not tease our readers, especially those who is reading this on an empty stomach. It has long been known: trying once is better than reading twice.

Foto in the article belongs to author.
Phone number for orders: +375 /44/ 75-72-042
Breakfasts, lunches and dinners from BYR 15 thousand on weekdays from 8.30 a.m. till 4.30 p.m. Weddings, anniversaries and other events at weekends. The cuisine is close to the homemade, the prices are affordable and the service is provided until the last customer leaves!

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