Belarusian President summarized interim results of large-scale upgrade program for woodworking industry

Woodworking industry is under special control of the head of the state. At a regular meeting devoted to this issue, the President paid attention to the deadlines for improving the forest industry and requested to use resources more effectively. At the same time, the President stressed that the ultimate purpose of the upgrade is to produce and sell products with a high added value. THE KEY ROLE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE COUNTRY’S WOODWORKING INDUSTRY IS PLAYED BY BELLESBUMPROM CONCERN.

Bellesbumprom concern is to become the audit center for technologies used in the woodworking industry, deputy head of the President Administration Nikolai Snopkov. 

As far as the Belarusian forestry company is concerned, first of all, it has to cease being an intermediary between a manufacturer and a contract’s recipient. The President Administration believes that the company has to manage marketing activities, look for contracts itself and be interested in using 100 percent of the production capacities.

Full utilization of the capacities of Bellesbumprom enterprises will ensure processing of only the half of the wood harvested in the country. Investors have to be attracted to process the other half of the resources; these investors have to be involved in deep wood processing.

The whole system of suggested measures has to “reboot” the effect from the upgrade and to prepare the industry for a new extraordinary demand.

According to the UNECE Timber Committee, in six years, the shortfall on main commodity items will exceed 60 million cubic meters in Europe only. The deficit of plywood, boards, paper and cardboard will be most perceptible. These are the items which were the focus of the large-scale upgrade program for woodworking industry launched in Belarus in 2006.

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