Pinsk hosted open national championship Woodcutter-2015

40 woodcutters and 25 timber harvesting machine operators who represented 13 enterprises of Bellesbumprom concern competed in Pinsk on 10-11 September within the framework of open national championship Woodcutter-2015.

The competition started at Brodnitsa forest area of Pinsk forestry where woodcutters were cutting trees right in the forest. The teams of OJC Ivatsevichdrev, JSC Pinskdrev and the Ministry of Forestry were the leaders of the first stage and managed to retain their leadership until the competition finished.


The competition continued at DOSAAF stadium in Pinsk where woodcutters competed in exercises: changing a gasoline-powered saw’s chain, assembling a saw’s chain, precise sawing, combined crosscutting, branch cutting and a team relay.


Timber harvesting machine operators competed in three nominations: “The best operator of a hydraulic manipulator”, “The best harvester operator” and “The best forwarder operator”..

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