Our history and pride!

Cavalier of the Orders of the Badge of Honour and Labour Glory (3rd class) who was awarded four medals and other prestigious awards, honorary veteran of JSC Rechitsadrev Avgustina GRIB marked her 85th anniversary on 11 August. She is one of those people who were not afraid of difficulties – numerous difficulties made her stronger. She has a lot of memories to share.

In 1962, a simple worker of Rechitsa plywood and furniture factory, 32-year-old Avgustina GRIB, became famous all over the country when she won the All-Soviet Union professional skills competition among woodworking operators of the Soviet forestry, pulp and paper and woodworking industry.

She was awarded a big gold medal and given Moskvich car as a present. This famous professional won similar country competitions for two centuries. Her name was written in the Book of the Labour Glory of Gomel region.

Речицадрев юбилей

Avgustina Grib was congratulated on her anniversary by the representatives of our enterprise: deputy director on general issues V. Semchenko, chairman of the trade union committee I. Bolachkova, chairmen of the council of veterans V. Kuznetsov as well as the chairman of the council of veterans of Rechitsa district V. Popov. In connection with her anniversary, Avgustina Grib was awarded a diploma from the district council of deputies.

речицадрев юбилей 85
Речицадрев юбилярша

Our hero was born in Volchya Gora village in Rechitsa district. Her father, Michail Lushchik, worked in NKVD (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs) in Rechitsa and then in Loyev district and was the head of the district department of the Ministry of State Security in Vetka before and at the beginning of World War II. Her mother took care of the four children. She was a housewife like many other women. She came from Poland. Mikhalina, Zosya, Karolina, Petrunelya, Kastusya – there were a lot of such Polish names in Volchya Gora at that time. Her father’s relatives also believed that they belonged to the noble class of szlachta. Therefore, the girl was named Avgustina. Moreover, she was born in August.

Avgustina and her family spent World War II in Kazakhstan. It is believed that human memory preserves only the most important facts. Being a child, Avgustina remembered forever how warmly they were greeted in a Kazakh village and how people let the evacuated people live in their houses. Everyone worked at the collective farm named after Chapayev: Kazakhs, Tatars, Uzbeks, Russians and Belarusians. Adults took part in grain harvesting and children were sent to poppy plantations and tended sheep. The heat could not be compared even to the one we had this summer: the temperature was about 45 degrees above zero in the shade. Everyone was looking forward to the end of war to return home.

One day a train full of Chechens came to the railway station: well-built men with daggers in their belts and black-eyed women. The Stalin regime removed all Caucasians from their territories. The Lushchiks took that train to return back to their motherland which had been liberated from fascists. It was in June 1944.

Their once decent house in Vetka was ruined. They did not meet their father. In 1942, he died near Stalingrad. The family was given shelter in Volchya Gora. They starved. Avgustina remembers how they collected acorns and baked bread from them and also how they dug out frozen old potatoes. Kind people did not let them die. Local dweller Anastasiya Bondarenko who had a cow provided children with milk...

In April 1946, the girl was admitted to Rechitsa factory school and already in September she worked at the timber mill named after Kirov. Subsequently, the control of the timber mill was transferred to Rechitsa house building factory and then to furniture enterprise. In 1971, it was already a production and woodworking association, predecessor of JSC Rechitsadrev. Avgustina Grib worked at our enterprise for 40 years and three of them after her retirement.

Avgustina Grib mastered all nine types of woodworking machines at the production facility. She had exceptional skills and the senior grade. She actively taught young employees and made many new-comers skilled operators.

The employment history of our hero is full of entries about promotions and awards. Being a top performer, she was many times mentioned in district newspaper Dnyaprovets, Gomel prauda and Zviazda.

Our enterprise is proud of our veterans and remembers about them.

Improvement of Rechitsadrev’s territory Association of furniture manufacturers and woodworking enterprises to be established in Belarus.