Production of lamellas commenced

Lamellas for beds (latoflex, lato) are bent and glued items with arc-shaped profiles produced from rotary-cut birch veneer. They are used as flexible and elastic elements of beds, armchairs and sofas. Furniture with latoflex is known for its durability, flexibility and susceptibility to people’s movements.

Deflection of a bed with latoflex enhances the orthopaedic effect of a mattress; the cross elements are bent only if it is required by the shape of the body and thus the physiologically correct position of the spine is ensured.

The new lamella production line is capable of producing 300 m3 per month.

The width of the items produced varies from 25 to 98 mm, the length varies from 500 to 1,540 mm and the thickness - from 6 to 16 mm.


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