“Dante” collection by Rechitsadrev

Classical things remain unchanged over centuries.

“Dante” collection belongs to the decent classical style. Noble Italian Walnut and decent Anchor Ash were chosen for decoration.

Dante_gostinnya Rechitsadrev

Fancy patina patterns on the facades combined with the exquisite pattern and marvelous decoration of handles which imitates old brass emphasizes the exquisiteness and elegancy of the collection adding the subtle flavor of magnificent classics to it.

Dante ofice Rechitsadrev

Due to the wide range of products in the modular system you can choose the most suitable elements for any room in your house or office.

Dante prihozka Rechitsadrev

Materials and accessories:

The frame is made of laminated chipboard belonging to emission class Е1 with the width of 16 mm produced at the enterprise; the tops of tables and drawer units are made of boards with the width of 25 mm, which makes the furniture look solid and prestigious.


Dante spalnya Rechitsadrev

Edges are banded using PVC or ABS-based materials with the width of 1 mm (non-visible surfaces) and with the width of 2 mm (tops of tables, etc.), which considerably increases the useful life of furniture and its resistance to mechanic damages, humidity and various chemical substances.

Decorative mouldings from MDF-based coated profile are used on coffee tables, coat stands and backs of beds.

We do not use cheap and low-quality accessories produced by questionable manufacturers while manufacturing our furniture; we trust such brands as Hettich, Blum, Boyard, Gamet, Siso, etc.

Self-closing door hinges for facades comply with the toughest convenience and functionality standards. Just a slight touch and the doors will close smoothly and quietly! The hinges are installed and uninstalled by one simple movement – pressing the hidden latch on the console of the hinge.

Drawers are moved by full-extension ball-bearing guides which comply with the high quality standards. Most of the elements of the modular system are installed on the adjustable supports which compensate the floor unevenness. Fixing accessories are mainly produced in Germany by Hettich and ensure the high quality, modern appearance and reliability of our products.

*The manufacturer reserves the right to change the existing range of furniture preserving the consumer properties.

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