The plywood production plant of JSC Rechitsadrev is experiencing its second birth

The reconstruction of the plant according to the woodworking improvement program is coming to the end. So far, complete upgrade of the veneer slicing and drying section has been finished. The veneer grade line has been installed and has been put into operation. The pools for steam drying have been reconstructed and their fencing and stairs have been replaced; the steam supply scheme for the pools has been changed, which will ensure the decrease in its consumption. The automatic temperature control system for pools is being installed. The semi-automatic line for one-piece delivery, cross-cutting and delivery of log pieces for peeling on peeling lines has been installed.

Three peeling lines have been installed and put into operation: Lur 17-14 produced by JSC Proletarskaya svoboda in Yaroslavl. Belt-type conveyors to remove veneer scraps from peeling machines to the new German woodchipper Vecoplan and to remove industrial chips to the new automated bunker have been replaced.

Drier Grenzebach for veneer drying and boiler station Wiesloch (Germany) as well as dryer SRGM-40 and power generator FT-7 (Russia) have been put into operation: all machines use wood waste from plywood production.

Two Japanese lines Hashimoto with automatic removal of waste to the German woodchipper BRUKS have been installed and put into operation; this ensures surfacing and jointing of lump veneer into full-scale veneer.

The plywood and the ply-curve section has been transformed. Two twenty-plate presses for plywood gluing produced by Volev (Ukraine) have been reconstructed; a twenty-plate press produced by Japanese Kitagava company has also been installed and put into operation. All three presses heat boards using thermal oil from German boiler station Weisloch.

For cutting plywood from four sides, the cutting line produced by Proletarskaya svoboda (Russia) has been installed. Plywood is sanded on the new Italian sanding line IMEAS with six sanding shafts, which ensures the ideal quality of sanding.

fanerny zavod
fanerny zavod
fanerny zavod

Sanding dust is no longer a useless waste, as two UBM presses (Lithuania) have been installed to produce briquettes from dust without any binders for export. Domestic customers can assess the high heat output and the maximum burning time of the new product already now.

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