Peacekeeping Soldiers Memorial Day

War... is a very scary word. It is scary because even in peace time young soldiers have to carry out their international duty following the order of their country and protecting the interests of a friendly state. Unfortunately, thousands of young soldiers died during armed conflicts in other countries and war broke many people’s lives. However, they honestly paid back to the Motherland and proved their loyalty to historic traditions.

On 15 February, the Afghanistan war which had lasted for 10 years was over and the last Soviet military column left Afghanistan. To commemorate the heroic deeds of our soldiers and to pay homage to their deeds, we mark Peacekeeping Soldiers Memorial Day on 15 February. 

S. Otroshchenko, Chairman of Rechitsa District Public Association of the Belarusian Union of Afghan War Veterans, met the young people of our enterprise and congratulated the employees of the enterprise who took part in the war. V. Semchenko, Deputy Director General in charge of general issues, gave memorable souvenirs to the participants of the event, book “JSC Rechitsadrev – 110 glorious years”. 



Our dear men, congratulations on the Defender of the Fatherland Day! New secretary of the primary organization of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union