Improvement of Rechitsadrev’s territory

We often think that the territory of an industrial enterprise has to be absolutely flat, ideally shaped and as much functional as possible. This is absolutely true.

BUT! We forget that we spend eight or even 12 hours a day at work.

As a matter of fact, any deviation from the ideal can be turned into a unique peculiarity of our professional space using just a creative approach and the efforts of the talented and fascinated team which can organize the process of territory improvement and landscape gardening.

Our enterprise arranged an improvement contest for teams. Production practices commission and the chief district architect L. Skakun judged the contest which was held among the departments of our enterprise.

Despite of the hot weather this summer, our employees’ inspiration and creative approach won!

And now, the winners:

The first place was unanimously given to the team of the Chipboard production plant headed by foreperson Yelena Shorokaya.

завод ДСП благоустройство

Real men and jacks-of-all-trades assisted her in improving flower beds and creating favourable conditions for rest: internal plumber Vladimir Chumakov, lathe operator Vladimir Dmitriyev and electric and gas welder Vladislav Aleynikov.

завод дсп речицадрев

завод дсп речицадрев

завод дсп речицадрев

The second place was shared between the teams of the plywood production plant and handling and crane section.

фанерный завод Речицадрев

цех погрузочно-разгрузочных работ Речицадрев

The complex, multi-stage and interesting technological plywood production process contributed to the development of creative abilities of the plywood plant employees. Their team had the biggest number of members. Joint creative work united deputy director Galina Kokhnovich, senior foreperson Olga Dubovets, senior warehouse attendant Vera Smolenchuk, operator of automatic and semi-automatic woodworking machines Aleksandr Pashnikov, leading technologist Tatyana Shumak, foreperson Galina Kogol, Valentina Stakhovskaya and head of traffic controllers Andrey Shcherba.

фанерный завод речицадрев

фанерный завод речицадрев

The ideas of the handling and crane section were generated and implemented by the tight-knit women team of the head Valentina Pavlyonok: economist Svetlana Tarasenko, senior warehouse attendant Tatyana Mochalova, warehouse attendant Svetlana Pavlyonok, senior foreperson Galina Shaton, foreperson Galina Belitskaya and woodworking controller Valentina Chervontseva.

цех погрузочно-разгрузочных работ речицадрев

цех пррикх речицадрев

The Beauty created by the employees of Rechitsadrev coloured our workdays.

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