9 May – bright Memorial Day.

Millions of families all over the world pay homage to the heroes of the War.

The 70th anniversary of the Soviet people’s victory in the Great Patriotic is an event which awakes in the heart of any Belarusian the feelings of pride and bitterness, happiness and pain, sorrow for the great loss and great pride in Belarusian people, their courage and heroism. 

JSC Rechitsadrev wishes you new business achievements, personal victories and peaceful sky above the head.

We would be happy to see our veterans in our shops at 4a Panova street and 17/19 10 let Oktyabrya street in Rechitsa in May where they can enjoy the discounts for our furniture.

Congratulations on the Victory Day!

9 maya

Belarusian President summarized interim results of large-scale upgrade program for woodworking industry Congratulations on 1 May!