Congratulations on New Year 2016!

On this most magical holiday of the year we, first of all, wish your desires came true. Indeed, this day we sincerely believe in miracles and magic. Let the coming year be full of pleasant events, joyful meetings, discoveries and only good mood! Let news be good, acquaintances be pleasant, affairs be successful and annoyances be petty! Let all your dreams come true, health be strong and close people always stay nearby! Happy New Year!


Furniture-2015 — the 27th International Exhibition for Furniture, Fittings and Upholstery

The Exhibition or Furniture, Fittings and Upholstery has come to the end. The event has a long history — since 1974 and until now the exhibition has been a major event, which determines strategic decisions and trends in furniture industry.


Rechitsadrev also means tasty things!

A correspondent of the Dnyaprovets newspaper popped into Rechitsadrev’s dining facility and was pleasantly surprised with the choice of dishes, their taste and, most importantly, their prices. That is a good reason to tell about this side of our enterprise. This information will be very helpful nowadays when every penny counts.


Good start, guys!

There is a good tradition at JSC Rechitsadrev to arrange events for young people who come to the enterprise after graduating from different educational establishments. This year, the enterprise has become the first working place for 47 young men and women.


Briquettes instead of wood? Six good reasons for considering a new kind of solid fuel as an alternative

Last year Rechitsadrev introduced a new and perspective type of production. Our plywood producers learned to manufacture fuel briquettes from the dust, which is formed while plywood is sanded. Specialists say that the quality is really good – the heat output is practically equal to that of coal. They are environmentally friendly: the wood layer, which is removed while the plywood is sanded, is extremely thin. Birch dust is pressed without any glue and other additives at high pressure using modern equipment. Birch harvested in pollution-free areas of Vitebsk and Minsk regions is the source raw material. Briquettes can be burnt in boilers used for any kind of solid fuel.


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