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Chipboard (laminated chipboard) production plant

A modern computer-aided plant was build instead of the old one. The installation of equipment started on 11 February 2013. In May 2013, the plant was officially put into operation. Apart from that, there is a laminated chipboard production section at the enterprise (the annual capacity of the section is 8,000 m2). In December 2014, other additional sections will be put into operation – decorative paper impregnation line and synthetic resin section.

Expansion of production facilities, purchase and installation of new program-controlled technological equipment with energy-saving characteristics enabled the use of many higher-level production processes, the production of high quality products which meets all customers’ demands both in our country and abroad.

For instance, the chipboard plant was upgraded: equipment produced by the world-famous manufacturers SIEMPELKAMP and IMEAS was installed. This contributed to the increased capacity (210 thousand cubic meters per year) and competitive growth due to the different thickness of the improved boards (8-40 mm)

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Chipboard production plant

The modern German laminated chipboard production line was put into operation. The annual output of the line is 8 million square meters. The modern production technology (high temperature up to 240 degrees and pressure up to 30 kg/sm2; the use of melamine films) helps to give the surface of the board the properties of thermosetting plastic which is very resistant to mechanical and chemical impact. 

Quality, environmental friendliness, decent appearance, durability, a wide choice of colours and reasonable prices – that is why laminated chipboards have become the main material for furniture production.

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