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Furniture factory

JSC Rechitsadrev consists of the chipboard production plant, the plywood production plant, the furniture factory, the logging-lumbering enterprise and auxiliary sections.

“According to estimates, our furniture facture has enough capacities to cover the needs of such a huge and economically developed region as Gomel region, although the share of the factory in the total output of the enterprise has just started to approach 10 percent”, Valery Tuleyko, Director General of JSC Rechitsadrev says. “However, if we speak about the depth of wood processing, the furniture section ensures 100 percent of the complete production cycle, from logging at wood lots to shipment to customers, and, which is equally important, at the same time guarantees 70 percent of the added value. In our view, this is the natural rent from the country’s forests which must be and is received in increased amounts by the citizens of Belarus both as high quality products and as budget proceeds”.

Мебельный завод
Furniture factory

Additional equipment will be delivered to the furniture factory soon, which will help to expand the production line of modern furniture (for kitchens, living-rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms and entrance halls), including modular systems, due to different interesting elements (for instance, wave-shaped cut-outs, 3D graphics, etc.).


Chipboard (laminated chipboard) production plant