Social programms

Among the most common directions of social programs of the Company with internal objectives are the following: personnel development, operational health and safety, socially responsible restructuring.

The following areas of activities can be mentioned among social programs aimed at personnel development:

  • Training and professional development, advanced training;
  • Implementation of incentive and innovation pay schemes and systems;
  • Provision of different employment benefits to employees;
  • Creation of conditions for rest and free time, including family rest;
  • Maintenance of communications within the company and their optimization;
  • Engagement of employees in decision-making process, etc.

Personnel development plays an important role in the Company’s social policy. Nowadays, the success of business to a large extent depends on people who hold certain positions at the enterprise and on how they perform their functions. In response to these changes the personnel policy has become more flexible and the set of tools which can be used to stimulate effective work and encourage important employees has significantly expanded. 
Training, additional training and professional development are the mechanisms of implementing the principles of social responsibility where the interests of the employee and the Company to a large extent coincide. From the employee’s point of view, they are investments into his or her intellectual potential; they improve his or her future performance and, consequently, salary. From the Company’s point of view, training is a way to improve the efficiency of “human resources” when the same resource is capable of producing a bigger amount of product. Unlike other types of social support, the results of training are directly felt not only by the employees but also by the Company itself.

Implementation of operational health and safety social programs ensures the creation and maintenance of safe working conditions in addition to regulatory health and safety principles. This contributes to the improvement of physical quality of the human resources and the increase in the enterprise’s attractiveness due to the decrease in the number of on-site injuries. 
Programs within this direction of the Company’s social activity cover the following areas of activities:

  • Occupational safety and health, maintenance of sanitary and hygienic labour conditions, creation of ergonomic working places;
  • Medical services at the enterprise, prevention of professional diseases, etc.;
  • Support to mothers and children.

In the context of occupational safety and health, safety rules are the first priority. 

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